Organise your meeting in the social virtual world of Mibo.

It is great that you are considering taking people with you to our virtual world! You can specify the setup of your meeting here, receive a quote and order your very own virtual world on the spot.
The basics for your meeting
You start off with 1 island for a maximum of 25 participants, with your own logo and colours. We will arrange an intake and a brief orientation. Costs: €795 More information
You can use your island(s) for 5 days: starting 4 days before your meeting and ending 16 hours after the event. During the intake and orientation (2 hours), we will have a look at your programme together, come up with ideas and useful tools and provide a short briefing for hosts. Close
Choose the setup for your virtual world below.

How many participants are you expecting?


We can handle any number. Over 2,500 participants? Get in touch with us!


How many islands would you like in total?


One island is already included. Each additional island costs €50.

Choose the number of islands based on maximum capacity and/or allocation of people to islands for groups and activities. You will name each island separately (later on). We will create an overview page with all your islands.

How many days will your meeting last?


1 meeting day is included. Each additional day costs €25 per island.

Will your meeting take longer than one day? Then consider keeping your virtual world open longer than one day. Will you need the virtual world spread out over days? Then please get in touch with us.

Additional logos


Your logo is included as standard. Any additional logo costs €100.

Every island will have your logo/flag by default. Would you like to sponsor or go by themes? You can also give islands their own logo. The names and logos of the islands can be supplied at a later stage. Select the number of additional logos you would like to have.

Your price so farEUR 825,00

We will gladly help make your meeting connective and effective, with highly experienced facilitators, reception hosts and activation programmes.
Choose the type of support you would like below.

Event support for meeting

3 hours of additional support, €450.

Would you like to explore and utilise all that the virtual video world has to offer? We will gladly help make your meeting even more engaging and effective and offer support.

In an inspiring and goal-oriented session (1 hour online) we go through your script and advise on suitable methods and activities in the virtual video world. We plan a follow up and provide resources and scripts for activities. We practice with facilitator and hosts. If necessary, we coordinate with your event platform.


Tailor-made support for meeting

Complete script, prepare and optionally facilitate meeting, 1,200 euros.

Make a complete script and a complete program, review and test script several times, training groups with hosts. Facilitation optional.

Islands open after your meeting

Five islands continuously available for 3 months after your meeting, €1,500.

Always a nice online environment for coffee moments, team stand-ups, meetings and drinks! When new virtual worlds and new functions become available, you will be the first to know! We also happily guide you to make the virtual world part of the work.

Total costs excluding VAT EUR 825,00

VATEUR 825,00

Thank you for your interest! We hope this fits your needs perfectly. Please fill in your details below and receive an instant quote. The quote will also include a link to confirm and pay for your order.

Quotation sent by e-mail

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