A Workshop or Change Programme for Better cooperation

What challenges does your organisation face? No matter how big or small they are, effective cooperation is crucial to tackle them. With a workshop or change program by Welkom you build new forms of cooperation. Cooperation that involves people, gives energy, and delivers better results. Online and offline. 

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Cooperation that fits!

We do not believe in tricks that work for everyone. That is why, in a workshop or change programme, we let participants experience for themselves which way of working suits them. With targeted experiments, participants change concrete elements in their cooperation with others. This way, you build step by step on a cooperation that helps you achieve your organisation's goals. 

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Welcome to our Facilitators.

Welkom has a diverse team of facilitators, each with their own talents, expertise and peculiarities. Some know everything about working in a task-oriented way or hybrid working, others make all undercurrents transparent. For a workshop or change programme, we pair you with the facilitator who best fits your specific needs.

Our inspiring and proven programmes!

Do you want to improve a specific part of your cooperation? In addition to tailor-made programmes and workshops, we offer proven programmes. These help you to solve a clear cooperation issue. That's very useful. Each programme offers an inspiring experience using the best tools and facilitators and targeted adjustments to your situation. This is how you improve your cooperation in a targeted way.

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Real connection & collaboration

Real connection and new forms of collaboration are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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