Meetings with Impact.

In the world of Welkom you design and deliver sessions with the 'wow-factor'. Events that achieve their goals, inspire and connect participants. Online and offline. From festive get-togethers to effective strategy sessions, from intimate consultations to large-scale conferences.

Do you want to get more out of your meeting?




How does it work?

Welkom enables you to organise inspiring meetings with a 'wow-factor'. Involve participants from an early stage for the best results. After an in-depth intake, you work with creative techniques, innovative tools and the best facilitators. On location and online. So that you achieve the goals of your meeting.

In-depth intake

Every meeting serves a purpose. In an in-depth intake, we examine what defines 'success' to you. What part does the meeting play within your broader strategic goals? Who are present and what are their interests? Who do you want to involve in the design of your meeting? How can you use creativity to give your meeting a surprising twist?

Inspiring experience

We think along about the tools, materials, forms and flow that help you to create an experience that fully engages participants. How about a strategy sprint in a futuristic environment? Teambuilding on a virtual love island? Or a brainstorming race against the clock to save the world?

First-class facilitators

Our team of top facilitators consists of experienced workshop leaders, team coaches, chairpersons and change makers. They are at your disposal to develop programmes with impact, to facilitate inspiring sessions, or take over all responsibilities. Each facilitator has his or her own speciality; we will pair you with the facilitator who best suits your needs.