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Whether you're organising a quarterly meeting, party, workshop or conference, we believe that every meeting can be special: inspiring, connecting and effective. With the right mix of people and tools, our event platform ensures that your event makes a lasting impression. Online, on location and hybrid.

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All experiences at your fingertips.

The world is full of tools for online events, each offering a different experience. Some allow you to give a professional presentation, others allow for effective discussions, and still others provide the opportunity for real human contact.

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Welcome to our people!

Tools only gain value through the people who give them hands and feet. The people of Welkom have each in their own way a passion for inspiring and connecting meetings. We like to help you get the most out of your event: by showing you the way in the various tools, designing the meeting and facilitating. Just what you need.

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Proven formats!
Are all the options for your meeting starting to make you dizzy? Don't worry: we show you the way with our proven formats. That's very handy. Each format consists of (a combination of) online tools, a programme, options to design it according to your taste, and the necessary guidance to keep everything on track. This way, an inspiring, connecting meeting is within reach for everyone.

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Real connection & collaboration

Real connection and new forms of collaboration are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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