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Company drinks in Mibo

Online drinks that fuel social connection
Feel the connection between colleagues during truly social online drinks. Travel to a virtual tropical island, a mellow forest, or a cheerful disco. In the virtual world you experience genuine fun together. Wherever you are.

This is what you get:

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Real human connection in Mibo

In a video conference you pretend you're together. In Mibo's virtual world you feel like you're together. You can walk around and form groups, see who's looking at whom, experience personal space, , together create a festive atmosphere. And just have lots of fun. 

You receive an extensive toolset, guidance on how to prepare the event and a support number. All to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy the drinks. Through an entrance page you can easily hop between different Mibo rooms (each with a maximum capacity of 25 people).


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Below is a selection of the possibilities for your event. Our project managers are happy to help you discover what suits you best.

What other organisations say

We've been working in teams for a year now, but this is much more fun.
ICTU - Anonymous
It was a resounding success again last night, the participants had a lot of fun.
Fresh Cans - Joep Heerings
It was a very successful session. Everybody liked it very much; most people didn't know Mibo yet, so it was completely new and surprising to them.
T-Mobile - Iris Brugman
This session is part of a journey hybrid working.

The step to inspiring and connecting cooperation is not made in one go. It is a journey through unknown territory, and you don't know what the end point will look like. Such an expedition is made in short steps in which you experiment with what works for you and what gives you energy. Think of the Ravine of Excesses and Unnecessities, Talent Analysis of travel companions, Building Basecamp, Brainstorm Jungle and on Safari along the BIG 5.

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