What we offer ' Hybrid working pioneer session

Hybrid working pioneer session

Discover hybrid cooperation with your team or organisation
The advent of hybrid work brings many challenges. How do you keep employees connected and motivated? How do you ensure that everyone stays up to date? And which tools and forms of collaboration fit best within your organisation or team? At Welkom we believe that you can only find out by experiencing and discovering it yourself.
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This is what you get:

- Experienced facilitator who challenges to go deeper
- Programme is adapted to your wishes and goals
- Templates to further develop hybrid working
- Use Welcome Platform, including Miro, Mibo and SpacialChat
With the pioneer session, you are ready for hybrid work.

In two inspiring hands-on sessions, we will explore with you how your team or organisation can effectively work together in a hybrid way. After formulating a goal, we will discover where the opportunities and challenges lie, which tools are suitable or not, and which tools can be used. We do all this by experimenting with tools and experiencing different forms of collaboration.


Hybrid working pioneer session

Discover hybrid cooperation with your team or organisation
Led by an experienced facilitator, the pioneers map out what effective, inspiring and connecting hybrid cooperation means to them. Subsequently, we discover points of improvement for the current cooperation. In subgroups, the pioneers experiment with different tools and methods to tackle these improvements. After the session, the pioneers can inspire their colleagues to discover effective forms of hybrid cooperation as well!
In the second session, all pioneers come together again. In this session, experiences and insights can be shared. Who discovered what and how can we learn from each other? The aim is to keep each other focused, to inspire and challenge each other.

What other organisations say

The atmosphere of the travel theme and the balance between light-heartedness and content was great. We were really inspired by the variety and combination of platforms.
Municipality of The Hague - Idil Warsame
This meeting with Welkom was indeed the most fun digital moment since working from home!
SSM - Ilse Crooy

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Amsterdam municipality - Welcome - Event platform - Hybrid working - Change processes - New forms of collaboration - Real connection - Mibo - Quarterly meeting

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This session is part of a journey hybrid working.

The step towards inspiring and connecting hybrid cooperation is not made in one go. It is a journey through unknown territory, and you do not know what the end point will look like. Such an expedition is made in short steps in which you experiment what works for you and what gives you energy. 

Through our workshops you work in short sprints on the improvement of a specific part of the hybrid cooperation. Each sprint provides concrete improvements and brings you one step closer to the final goal of the journey.

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