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Meet, learn and inspire: your online symposium
Gather together for an online symposium that will give you all the creative thinking, discussion and learning you need, without any of the organisational hassle. Move seamlessly from online presentation, to in-depth discussion, to small-group breakouts. Not forgetting the all-important coffee breaks...and how about a social drink after the work is done?
Online roundtables with StreamYard or Zoom
Call or mail directly: +31 20 7740033[email protected]

This is what you get:

Use of the Welkom platform for the day
As many breakout rooms as you want
Guestlist and custom invitations
Host functionalities to manage participants
Send broadcast messages to the whole conference
Your own design to make the event truly yours
2 hours’ guidance on the Welkom platform
1 hour’s guidance on our online tools
A dedicated production manager
Live support throughout by phone and email

At the press of a button, you hop between livestreams, Mibo worlds and interactive workshops. The best tool for each part.

Turn up, dive in

Welkom allows you to create an online symposium where you can get to grips with your toughest problems and trickiest strategies, without having to worry about hotel bookings or travel. Bring everyone around the (virtual) table who needs to be there: no compromise. A Welkom symposium is much more than simply a series of presentations. You’ll gain the same interaction, and depth of discussion, as you would in-person, with online tool mentimeter allowing participants to provide an opinion whenever they like.

And when it’s time to give the serious stuff a rest, there’s plenty of opportunity for informal discussion. Mibo and SpatialChat mean your participants can wander freely, meet up with old friends, make new contacts and bounce ideas to take back to the symposium.

Everything in the platform can be set by you. Timings, who’s allowed in where, breakout group sizes. Keep the social areas open throughout, or only when the main event’s taking a break. Keep everyone in the keynote, or allow them to choose. It’s all up to you.

Here is an impression of what the meeting might look like.

What other organisations say

What worked very well was to be able to get into the cockpit yourself. The controls were very easy with Anouk's manual. So we could do exactly what we wanted.
EFPT - Charlotte Migchels
What a challenge; setting up and running a digital organization-wide staff day. We are having a great time here!
Barbara van Ooyen - Innoord

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