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Hybrid onboarding space

Better onboarding. Smarter work. Higher retention.
New recruits can get lost in remote teams, unless you get your onboarding process right. A quick Zoom chat isn’t going to be enough to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, who they’re working with and why. With Welkom, you can use sophisticated online social tools to give new starters a real introduction to your team – so you get confident employees ready to dive right in. And people who start well, work better and stay longer.
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This is what you get:

As many breakout rooms as you want
Guestlist and custom invitations
Host functionalities to manage participants
Send broadcast messages to everyone
An office lobby with your custom map to make it easy to find the right room
At the press of a button, you hop between livestreams and interactive workshops. The best tool for each part.


Smart work happens with a smart start

The first week of new employees is intensive: there are the formalities, they are introduced to systems, they meet colleagues and get a taste of the organisation's atmosphere. A really good onboarding goes further: create energy with the new employees and let them find out how their talents are of value to the organisation. Online, this is difficult. The Welcome Platform combines the power of various online tools to give new colleagues a flying start.

Our experienced programme-makers help you to set up an online onboarding week in which the qualities and motives of the new employee are central. So that they are not only up and running faster, but also stay with the organisation for longer. Because a good start is half the work.

Here is an impression of what the meeting might look like.

 3 support options for your event

Do it yourself

All possibilities of Welcome!

You set up your event yourself and receive a handy guide with tips and tricks to help you do so. For people who already know our platform well.

Event with design

We set up the platform for you and create a great visual design, based on your goals and roadmap. You'll get training so you can take it from there.

Everything in 'Do it yourself' plus:
  • Design meeting and professional customised design
  • Ready-to-use event
  • Training to use platform and tools
Most popular

Full service

We translate your programme into a detailed plan and take care of all the technical issues. Together, we will plan your event down to the last detail.

Everything in Event with design plus:
  • Guidance from programme to plan
  • Full dry-run to iron out the ifs
  • Live support by technical facilitator during event (incl. 2 hours)
from € 1150

What other organisations say

I am going to be surprised today! Chapeau for the organisation
Innoord - Matthijs Winde
This meeting with Welcome was indeed the most enjoyable digital moment since working at home!
Dutch national mines regulator - Ilse Crooy

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Real connection and new forms of collaboration are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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