What we offer ' Online networking in Mibo

Online networking in Mibo

Networking, as it’s meant to be
Missing the opportunity to wander a room, meeting up with old friends and making new connections on-the-hoof? Mibo allows you to do all that... inside your own real-feel virtual world. Inside, you’ll be able to take a walk and see who’s there. As you approach, people appear larger, and their voices louder. You can make eye contact and strike up a real conversation. Spot someone over the room who needs to join in? Just call them over…
Call or mail directly: +31 20 7740033[email protected]

This is what you get:

1 hour of guidance for using online Mibo
Test link so you can practice ahead of time.
Live support throughout, by phone and email.
No more missed connections

Let’s face it: networking on Zoom doesn’t work. It’s awkward, restricted and often unproductive. Mibo allows you to go back to old-style networking, without having to hire a venue or book a caterer. And you won’t need to turn up with a fistful of business cards, either…

Each Mibo room holds 25, so you can put on an intimate event for a small group, or use multiple rooms and allow people to wander freely between them. Every room can be themed as you choose – how about networking on a beach or in the forest?


What other organisations say

We've been working in teams for a year now, but this is much more fun.
ICTU - Anonymous
It was a very successful session. Everybody liked it very much; most people didn't know Mibo yet, so it was completely new and surprising to them.
T-Mobile - Iris Brugman

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Heijmans - Welcome.World - Event platform - Hybrid working - Change processes - New forms of collaboration - Real connection - Mibo
Brand New Day | Welcome.World - Event platform - Hybrid working - Workshop and change trajectory - Quarterly meeting - Online festival - Online congress
T-Mobile - Welcome.World - Event platform - Hybrid work - Change processes - New forms of collaboration - Real connection - Mibo

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