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Online Design Sprint

An online development boost
You have an idea that you want to develop further. Great! But where do you start? And how do you keep the momentum going? An Online Design Sprint speeds up the development and turns your idea into something tangible.
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This is what you get:

Experienced innovator who challenges your idea
Designer who immediately converts ideas into visually attractive prototypes
Intake to sharpen objectives and define sprint
Use Welcome Platform, including Miro, Mibo and SpacialChat
Fluid online innovation

In an Online Design Sprint we combine smooth online cooperation in the Welcome Platform with the innovation power of our partner organsation ILUMY PROTOTYPING.

Work with professionals who have extensive experience in innovation: from digital platforms and physical products to development programmes and strategy. By constantly zooming out to a strategic level, we ensure that everything we develop leads to your strategic goals.

In the Welcome platform we have our online collaboration environment. Here we brainstorm with the best tools (Miro, Mural, Mibo and more), publish prototypes and test results, and keep track of progress. All in one place.


Online Design Sprint

An online development boost
Together, we divide the entire development of your idea into individual parts. We work out each part within a specific, clearly defined sprint. In each sprint, we prototype and test key aspects of the idea.
To complete 1 sprint, we combine a robust, result-oriented approach with plenty of room for flexibility. Together, we work out several prototypes, which we test, evaluate and adjust immediately. The result: 2 to 3 tested prototypes with which you can move on.

What other organisations say

The atmosphere of the travel theme and the balance between light-heartedness and content was great. We were really inspired by the variety and combination of platforms.
Municipality of The Hague - Idil Warsame
This meeting with Welkom was indeed the most fun digital moment since working from home!
Dutch national mines regulator - Ilse Crooy

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As a hybrid pioneer, your team is about to discover exactly what’s possible. You’re taking steps that few have taken before, feeling your way and discovering what works and what doesn’t.

We can’t promise the road will always be straight and smooth. You might need to try things that don’t work to realise what does. 

That’s why these workshops are focussed on short, collaborative sprints, so your team can think creatively and find answers quickly.

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