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Online quarterly meeting

Strengthen the bond with your organization
In the Welkom platform you bring all your colleagues up-to-date with the important organisational developments, and let colleagues connect virtually with each other. Wherever they are.

This is what you get:

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Boost for the team spirit

A few times a year you come together with your organization to bring each other up to date with all developments. And to reconnect with your colleagues. Quite difficult if people (partly) work at home. In the Welkom event platform you have the possibility to make this meeting social and inspiring for everyone. Wherever they are.

Alternate content updates and interactive presentations with social rhymes in SpatialChat and/or Mibo, where colleagues can catch up in a casual setting.

With the push of a button, colleagues can switch between a plenary presentation, a workshop space and a virtual meeting place. With an interactive and specially designed overview participants know exactly which activities take place when. And in the room overview they can easily find others. Ideal for finding that one colleague with whom you still want to catch up.

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Below is a selection of the possibilities for your event. Our project managers are happy to help you discover what suits you best.

What other organisations say

I'm going to be surprised today! Chapeau for the organization 😁
Innoord - Matthijs Winde
It was a resounding success again last night, the participants had a lot of fun.
Fresh Cans - Joep Heerings
This meeting with Welkom was indeed the most fun digital moment since working from home!
SSM - Ilse Crooy
This session is part of a journey hybrid working.

The step to inspiring and connecting cooperation is not made in one go. It is a journey through unknown territory, and you don't know what the end point will look like. Such an expedition is made in short steps in which you experiment with what works for you and what gives you energy. Think of the Ravine of Excesses and Unnecessities, Talent Analysis of travel companions, Building Basecamp, Brainstorm Jungle and on Safari along the BIG 5.

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Do you have questions, comments, ideas or are you just curious about Welkom? Let us know about it! You can ask us about your next event or how to get your organization to work effectively together in a hybrid way.

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Real connections and new forms of cooperation are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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