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Hybrid Game

The game that makes hybrid work
Hybrid can give you a happy, flexible and highly-productive team. Or, it can mean frustration, poor communication and lower outputs. To make hybrid work, you need more than another Zoom meeting or email discussion. Hybrid Game is a relaxed, playful way to delve deep into what’s working now, and what’s not. Working in teams, your people will explore real-world scenarios and agree their hybrid working preferences, so that you can create a hybrid policy that works for everyone.
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This is what you get:

A game leader for each sub-team to facilitate and make sure everything works smoothly.
A game box and platform for each team, filled with everything needed to play.
Feedback to the client, after the game
A hybrid working policy designed to maximise collaboration and productivity.
Use of the Welkom platform and its collaborative tools, including Miro’s interactive whiteboard and the real-feel social worlds of Mibo and SpatialChat.
Your people-first hybrid working policy

There’s no off-the-shelf hybrid policy that can give you everything you need to make hybrid a success. Instead, start with what’s happening now. Each team in your organisation will move through exploratory tasks designed to mimic the practical, technological and mental barriers to successful hybrid working. 

Rather than simply filling out a questionnaire, they’ll be able to show you in real-time where the problems and opportunities lie. Where is communication failing? What’s helping productivity? Is everyone (and everything) accessible to all?

The game will lead you naturally to agree on a hybrid working policy that everyone can get behind, work with and use without a hitch.


Hybrid Game

The game that makes hybrid work
Each team will have two hours to work through game scenarios, trying to beat the clock (and the other teams). Each scenario is designed to challenge thinking and test different ways of working.
Each team works with their game leader to evaluate the choices they made in the game, and why. The discoveries they make become an agreement on their preferred way to work. We’ll collate the results from each team and present them in a follow-up meeting, along with our recommendations for your new hybrid working policy.

What other organisations say

We are really inspired by the variety and combination of platforms.
Municipality of The Hague - Idil Warsame
This meeting with Welkom was indeed the most fun digital moment since working from home!
Dutch national mines regulator - Ilse Crooy

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As a hybrid pioneer, your team is about to discover exactly what’s possible. You’re taking steps that few have taken before, feeling your way and discovering what works and what doesn’t.

We can’t promise the road will always be straight and smooth. You might need to try things that don’t work to realise what does. 

That’s why these workshops are focussed on short, collaborative sprints, so your team can think creatively and find answers quickly.

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