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One event, the best of both worlds
Do you put on a casual social event, or keep it traditional with a plenary and workshops? You could do both. Combined events using livestreams + the real-feel social world of Mibo allow you to get the hard work done, before heading over to the virtual world of your choice for drinks and chat. (how about a tropical island? Cool, green forest? Bustling town hall?).
Welcome.World & Mibo Hoppen- Event platform - Hybrid working - Change processes - New forms of collaboration - Real connection - Online conference - Quarterly meeting - Online network event
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This is what you get:

Use of the Welkom platform for the day
As many breakout rooms as you want
Guestlist and custom invitations
Host functionalities to manage participants
Send broadcast messages to everyone
An office lobby with your custom map to make it easy to find the right room

At the press of a button, you hop between livestreams, Mibo worlds and interactive workshops. The best tool for each part.

The missing connection...

Another Zoom livestream? If you’re tired of the same old thing, change it. By adding a Mibo social event to your webinar or workshop, you can recapture the spirit of the after-meeting drinks, while still getting the learning that you need in. Instead of leaving your attendees with nothing more than an ‘end meeting’, you’ll be able to mingle informally, make new contacts and catch up with that person you’ve been meaning to email for months…

Start your event in Zoom or Jitsi, with the option to livestream it. When you’re done, simply click a button and take everyone over to Mibo. There, they can grab a drink and catch up, explore different rooms and talk about the material you’ve just shared. Or, run both simultaneously, with participants choosing whether to listen-in or talk.

Here is an impression of what the meeting might look like.

 3 support options for your event

Do it yourself

All possibilities of Welcome!
You set up your event yourself and receive a handy guide with tips and tricks to help you do so. Of course we will help you if you have any questions.

Event with design

Your event gets a great tailor-made visual design. We set up the event platform for you, and support you to facilitate the event yourself.

Everything in 'Do it yourself' plus:
  • Intake and professional customised visual design
  • Ready-to-use event
  • Training to use platform and tools
Most popular

Full service

Your event fully serviced and supported from start to end.

Everything in Event with design plus:
  • Full support by our facilitation and design team
  • Full dry-run to iron out the ifs
  • Live support during event by technical facilitator
from € 1150

What other organisations say

I'm going to be surprised today! Chapeau for the organization!
Innoord - Matthijs Winde
What worked very well was to be able to get into the cockpit yourself. The controls were very easy with Anouk's manual. So we could do exactly what we wanted.
EFPT - Charlotte Migchels

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