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Combine plenary sessions and the social world of Mibo in a single platform
Enrich your event with real connections between participants. Travel from a plenary video session or live stream to the social virtual world of Mibo. With the push of a button participants experience real human contact.

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The best of both worlds

Would you like to combine a plenary presentation or introduction with human connection between participants? You can! Start your event in Zoom, Jitsi or (optionally) via a live stream. Then, with a push of a button, participants travel to a virtual island, forest or townhall, where human contact is possible. Participants can walk around and form groups, see who is looking at whom, experience personal space, , together create a festive atmosphere. And just have lots of fun.

With a handy overview everyone can see who is in which world. This way you can easily find each other. And as host you can easily move participants between the Mibo worlds and the plenary environment. Or assign participants to a specific Mibo world. This is how you keep control. Very easily.

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What other organisations say

I'm going to be surprised today! Chapeau for the organization 😁
Innoord - Matthijs Winde
It was a resounding success again last night, the participants had a lot of fun.
Fresh Cans - Joep Heerings
What worked very well was to be able to get into the cockpit yourself. The controls were very easy with Anouk's manual. So we could do exactly what we wanted.
EFPT - Charlotte Migchels
This session is part of a journey hybrid working.

The step to inspiring and connecting cooperation is not made in one go. It is a journey through unknown territory, and you don't know what the end point will look like. Such an expedition is made in short steps in which you experiment with what works for you and what gives you energy. Think of the Ravine of Excesses and Unnecessities, Talent Analysis of travel companions, Building Basecamp, Brainstorm Jungle and on Safari along the BIG 5.

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Real connections and new forms of cooperation are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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