What we offer ' Company drinks in Mibo

Company drinks in Mibo

Time for a drink?
Take a break from the office and your ever-growing inbox, with a social drink in a swanky bar or cosy pub...or would a tropical beach bar or festival-in-the-woods vibe suit you better? Inside the real-feel virtual world of Mibo, you can wander and mingle freely. Prop up the bar for a heart-to-heart or join the whole team for a chinwag by the fire. If your idea of online drinks is dull chats on Zoom, you’re in for a treat…
Call or mail directly: +31 20 7740033[email protected]

This is what you get:

A quick-reference guide to using Mibo, including FAQ.
Test link so you can practice ahead of time.
Live support throughout, by phone and email.
No more missed connections

If you’ve ever sat through a ‘social’ event on Zoom or Teams, trying to pretend you’re having fun but really wishing you could click leave in favour of the pub… Then you’ll love drinks on Mibo. As you walk around, people appear closer or further away, their voices louder or quieter. Scan the room, and find the people you’ve been wanting to catch up with. Start a conversation with someone new. Rather than pretending that you’re together, you’ll feel like you are together.

You’ll get all the guidance you need to set up your Mibo drinks exactly as you choose. Have everyone together in one room, or have multiple rooms with different vibes, that people can hop between as the mood takes them.


What other organisations say

We've been working in teams for a year now, but this is much more fun.
ICTU - Anonymous
It was a very successful session. Everybody liked it very much; most people didn't know Mibo yet, so it was completely new and surprising to them.
T-Mobile - Iris Brugman

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