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Co creation process

Stimulate innovation from a network
This course converts the ambitions in a network into concrete actions and innovations. Based on the unique talents of each partner. This way you get real value from your network!

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From network to co-creation

Innovating together with a network? That is necessary. It's fun. At least, if you don't get bogged down in endless meetings before you start. How do you use the power of each network partner? How to deal with ownership? How do you make sure you really use all the energy and enthusiasm?

This programme challenges network partners to look beyond their own organisational boundaries. Participants will work with each other to work out concrete cooperation possibilities. This is possible thanks to the combination of professional facilitators, an attractive price and a social online environment. In this way, network partners can tackle challenges that are too big for any single organisation.


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Co creation process

Stimulate innovation from a network
Start in the virtual exhibition space where all network partners present themselves. Kick off together in a plenary session to set the tone: in a few hours you will get to work prototyping. Don't bullshit but do it! You will explore where you can reinforce each other and put together your own team on that basis. Each team will have its own creative lab. Including whiteboard (MIRO) and inspiring materials. In a number of pitch rounds, the ideas will grow. A jury will judge the results based on the objectives of the network: really working together and making progress. Viable ideas will be followed up in working groups, based on the enthusiasm of the participants. You finish off with drinks to celebrate the start of new, effective cooperation!
A few weeks after the co-creation session we look back. What actions have come out of it? And were they followed up? We identify concrete actions to get started with the innovations that were not followed up.

What other organisations say

I'm going to be surprised today! Chapeau for the organization 😁
Innoord - Matthijs Winde
It was a resounding success again last night, the participants had a lot of fun.
Fresh Cans - Joep Heerings
This meeting with Welkom was indeed the most fun digital moment since working from home!
SSM - Ilse Crooy
This session is part of a journey hybrid working.

The step towards inspiring and connecting hybrid cooperation is not made in one go. It is a journey through unknown territory, and you do not know what the end point will look like. Such an expedition is made in short steps in which you experiment what works for you and what gives you energy. 

Through our workshops you work in short sprints on the improvement of a specific part of the hybrid cooperation. Each sprint provides concrete improvements and brings you one step closer to the final goal of the journey.

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