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Hybrid Game


There’s no off-the-shelf hybrid policy that can give you everything you need to make hybrid a success. Instead, start with what’s happening now. Each team in your organisation will move through exploratory tasks designed to mimic the practical, technological and mental barriers to successful hybrid working. 

Rather than simply filling out a questionnaire, they’ll be able to show you in real-time where the problems and opportunities lie. Where is communication failing? What’s helping productivity? Is everyone (and everything) accessible to all?

The game will lead you naturally to agree on a hybrid working policy that everyone can get behind, work with and use without a hitch.

Hybrid kick-off session


Your online project kick-off allows you to bring your remote team together to set goals, agree actions and create the team spirit you need. That’s not easy when you’re not all in the office...but it is possible.

Welkom gives you a single environment where you can share goals and scope with a Zoom livestream, set tasks using Miro’s interactive whiteboard or Monday, and then retreat to your private virtual island on Mibo for informal ideas sharing and social team building.

Hybrid festival


Just like any other festival, the people make the party. Your team can check out different stages on a whim, take a break when they like and strike up a conversation as the mood takes them.

Each stage will have its own activity, led by creative facilitators who know how to party. Festivalgoers can hop between them at the touch of a button, using their interactive festival map to find what’s happening where.

And the space overview means it’s easy to see where everyone is when it’s time to meet up. No ‘find me at the third flag to the left of the stage’ at this festival.