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Hybrid symposium


Welkom allows you to create an online symposium where you can get to grips with your toughest problems and trickiest strategies, without having to worry about hotel bookings or travel. Bring everyone around the (virtual) table who needs to be there: no compromise. A Welkom symposium is much more than simply a series of presentations. You’ll gain the same interaction, and depth of discussion, as you would in-person, with online tool mentimeter allowing participants to provide an opinion whenever they like.

Between the presentations, participants and speakers meet in the social virtual world of Mibo. There, everyone can easily chat in small groups, meet old acquaintances or make new contacts. Just like in real life.

Everything in the platform can be set by you. Timings, who’s allowed in where, breakout group sizes. Keep the social areas open throughout, or only when the main event’s taking a break. Keep everyone in the keynote, or allow them to choose. It’s all up to you.

Hybrid scientific conference


At a scientific conference, you want new knowledge to flow freely between scientists. In the Welcome Event platform, you use a combination of tools to enable different forms of knowledge transfer. Key-notes and presentations via a live stream and content-related networking in SpatialChat. Standard 3 days.

You choose exactly where people can go and where, so you can make sure the right connections are made. Ask everyone to come to your keynote, or let them linger outside in 1:1 discussion. Set up private rooms to facilitate in-depth discussion on particular topics, or allow scientists to find their own way. Mix up the formal and informal and respond to events on the day.