Our bestsellers in a row, of course flexible.

Welcome believes in transparent pricing. Therefore we have listed our most common formats. For an easy overview. Yet nothing's set in stone. So do you have something else in mind, please contact us and we'll work out something special!

Virtual Connecting

Connecting drinks in Mibo (incl. 50 pers.)
Nurture the connection between colleagues with a really fun event. Go on a journey together to a virtual tropical island or to a serene forest.
VA € 795

Online conference

A complete conference experience, online (incl. 150 pers.)
From professional key-notes to pleasant networking, from active workshops to interactive poster presentations.

VA € 1,500

Pioneer Session

Discover effective hybrid cooperation (incl. 15 pers.)
In two inspiring hands-on sessions you will explore the possibilities of hybrid collaboration for your organization. As true pioneers.
from € 990

Quarterly meeting

Inspire and connect your colleagues (incl. 100 pers.)
Keep everyone up to date with the developments in the organisation, and let colleagues connect virtually and hybridly.

VA € 1,500

Event with Mibo

Combine Mibo and Plenary
(incl. 100 pers.)

Travel from your plenary presentation to a virtual tropical island or peaceful forest at the push of a button. Offer a beautiful experience and keep control with the Welcome Event platform.
VA € 1,150

Co-creation Symposium

Get real value from a network (incl. 100 pers.)
Turn the ambitions in a network into concrete actions and innovations. Based on the unique talents and strengths of each partner.

VA € 3,650

Playing field game

Create the best line-up for your team (incl. 25 pers.)
In this interactive, online workshop you will playfully determine how you can work together smartly and divide the roles and responsibilities.

VA € 990

Virtual Festival

A complete online festival experience (incl. 300 pers.)
Bring the energy and connection of a festival to your organisation. Choose what experiences you want to offer participants: adventure, depth, dance, joy and fun.
VA € 6,300

These are our most common formats. Do you have something else in mind? Feel free to contact us. We will then look at the possibilities for a tailor-made event or programme.

Looking for our Mibo prices and possibilities, click here Here for a handy overview.

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