Discover the social virtual world Mibo.

In the world of Mibo, it feels like you are together! You can see who is looking at whom, experience experience personal space, form groups and experience together. You can walk around and form groups, see who is looking at whom, experience personal space and create an atmosphere together. Discuss effectively and just have fun!


Sign up for the open demo every Tuesday at 16:30.

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To explore the options for your meeting, your customised virtual world and more.

We are happy to help you use Mibo to make your meeting really connective . And we help your organisation to establish hybrid work in the virtual world: from a virtual coffee corner to customer meetings.

You can also use Mibo for free or opt for a premium subscription.

Real connection & collaboration

Real connections and new forms of cooperation are crucial in order to meet challenges. That is what we believe in. We do this with the right tools and a great hands-on team. Welcome!

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